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A Few MPGuino Questions

I'd like to build one. These questions are probably all answered somewhere, but there is a lot of material to sift through in here.

1. The thread with instructions calls it "build one", so I just wanted to be clear. Are those instructions ready to go?

2. The link for a Freeduino is out of stock and they recommend a 2.0 kit. If I buy that instead, are all the other instructions the same? Or do they need to be adapted to the new board?

3. I'm completely unfamiliar with duino. How will I copy and paste the program from the internet into the board? Does it connect to my computer with USB or something?

4. Am I going to find the other parts (2 5.1v zener diodes, 1 2n3906 PNP Transistor, 1 220 ohm resistor, 2 100k resistors, 3 tactile switches) at any decent Radio Shack?

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