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Originally Posted by darcane View Post
Your buddy is "Rangmar" on the DieselBomber forum, right?
Yep, that's him.

Originally Posted by sarguy01 View Post
Great swap! Any mileage numbers?
Average is a bit over 25. I was keeping track on Fuelly until probably a bit over a month ago. Highest ever was just under 30, and low was 23.

I got my new manifold, turbo adapter, and turbine housing back from the ceramic coating place last night, and I should have it back on the road tonight.

I was using the original NA manifold, and I had some problems keeping a good seal to the head and turbo, and there was about a 5mpg difference when it was leaking.

The turbo manifold has much thicker flanges, and 4 bolts on the turbo flange instead of 2. The runners also stay the same size as the exhaust ports all the way to the turbo, have fewer obstructions, and are directed at the outlet. The NA manifold had obstructions where there were more reliefs for bolt access, very little flow directing into the outlet, and grew to about 1.5x the diameter by the exit. I'm hoping the turbo manifold helps keep it sealed and maybe the better runner design and ceramic coating will add some low RPM performance.

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