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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
Old adage: " can't teach old dogs (parents) new tricks (facts)..." so, maybe it's time to simply give them the INFORMATION SHOWING which cars will get the mpg that they're wanting...and, simply accept THEIR final decision.

You can get whatever car YOU want...later...using the knowledge that other vehicles are better suited for MPG than whatever vehicle they finally decide to get.
Oh I know, but they are getting mad at me because of how 'obsessed' with saving fuel I am, and the only cars I will recommend them is the Honda civic HX and the Metro. I threw the idea of a prius at them and they immediately rejected it because my older brother has a prius and the battery costs 4.5-10k to get replaced.

As for the charts, that's what I'm looking for, showing them physically what gets the MPG my dad is wanting and then letting them make the decision for themselves, with me trying to point them in the right direction.

Something like this is what I was going to recommend:

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