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Elhigh-I appreciate the kind words. Is that a small (maybe not a cub) IH tractor I see on your avatar? l was a farmer till 1966. I worked with things like a John Deere model D, which was a 2 cylinder with 6.87" pistons and a 7 inch stroke. Compression ratio was 3.97 to 1. It was rated by "Nebraska Tests" as a 15-27. That would be 27 HP on the belt pulley and 15 HP on the drawbar with steel lugs.When rubber tires came along in the mid thirties they got an actual 35 drawbar max HP. I think their 'rating' was 70% of max. RPM was 900. It had water injection available and 2 fuel tanks if you used "fuel oil". The 2 gallon one was for gasoline to start and warm it up, then switch to oil (zero octane or less). The upper tank of the radiator held about 5 gallons of water for the water injection.

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