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Personally, I like the idea of an S10 to start with. Get a 1993-or-earlier Dime, because after they redesigned the S10 (1994-97, then 1998-2002) the trucks started to get heavier. Four cylinder, rear wheel, five speed manual. Parts are plentiful! Think of all the S10s, Sonomas, Blazers, Jimmy's, and Bravada's over the years.... then remember, the S10 shares many components with the Camaros, Firebirds, 1980's era Monte Carlo/Cutlass/Regals.. etc. Want a lower rear end ratio, and maybe upgrade to disc brakes? Then just grab a Blazer rear axle! For that reason alone, I'd suggest the S10/Sonoma over a Ford Ranger or the Dodge Dakotas.

Also, the Cavalier has been mentioned several times, and that's a good option as well. If you're going the car route, then try to find something that has plenty of parts available. Cavs/Sunfires/Aleros/Grand Ams/Malibus/blah blah blah are all the same drivetrains. The Neon/Eclipse/Talon/Avenger/Stealth, etc all used similar parts.

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