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Ok lemme respond the best I can, first off, euromodder, I laugh my toosh off everyday at that, it's 30$ a DAY in gas, and it's about an 2 hours a day in that truck, he is driving a honda odyssey right now that gets even less mpg, because the truck's timing belt broke, then it burnt valves again, then it burnt valves AGAIN before we switched mechanics and our new mechanic goes 'yea the cat is blocked causing engine damage' and my parents have spent so much money on the truck they don't want to fix it. The truck runs fine now, just needs new cat(s).

P-Hack, yes my mom just sits around all day being opinionated, I tried expressing this to my dad that it's not her that's going to have to deal with the car HE has to drive to work everyday, it's HIM.

elhigh, my Dad doesn't want a hybrid, I talked to him this morning and he really just wants a car that he can do general maintenance on (changing oil and spark plugs/wires) and not have to worry about anything else. Like I said before, he is willing to change his driving habbits to bring up his FE after seeing what I'm getting in my Camry.

Xist, Amen.

All in all, I think they are going to go with a 00-06 Corolla, I can't find any Honda civic HX's (ones with lean burn) with less than 75k miles.


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