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Keep it hot

I've now done about a 1.000 miles in the car, and found out that it like to keep it's engine warm. So do I, as we have had a cold spell here with down to minus 10 deg. C lately. Here is at 55 deg. noth latitude.
I've had problem with getting ehough heat in the cabin om trips below 10 km's, so in colder climates a grill block is a must in the Yars hybrid. I made a temporary one with foam for isolating pipes.

Secondly - the more one uses electric devices in the car, the more the ICE will run, and that off course uses fuel. So to get better milage keep AC off, keep the heatet seats off.

As for driving lights - mandatory here - the pre installed driving lights - LED's in front, no light in rear, seem to be the least power consuming.

Driving in the dark with normal lights on naturaly takes more elctric power, and causes the ICE to run more often.

If one has the possibility to install and run a block heater, I would highly reccomend it. A warm engine is a must for really good milage in this car.
As I can not use a block heater, I'll wil - as soon as a baseline of 3.500 km's driving is done, persue other ways of keeping the engine warm, and minimise heatlosses form the engine bay. (Grill blocking, sealing engine compartment etc.)

The car is by all means a real joy to drive, and so far I very happy with the buy.

More to come when the wheater has become better, and the baseline is etablished.
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