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Todays fill was a bit better than the two previous ones. My first goal was to hit the EU avarage on which for a long time was 5.1 liter / 100 km.
This is the same as 46.12 MPG US, så I've allready passed that, as I'm now on 46. someting Mpg, and still braking the car in.
Only mods so far is two foamstrips as a temporary lower grill block, and that helped this last tank. Kept engine warmer for longer. Tires at 2,9 bar.
Think baseline will be established at about 3.500 km - 3 more fills from now.
Next goal is to get to the 50 Mpg EPA avarage. The EU rating is 28,35 km/l (66.68 mpg us) which I'll only get on a warm sommer day with a hafty tailwind or with a good deal of mods.
Dealer said, that avarage for the car among their coustomers was around 22 km/l (52 mpg), and not to expect mouh more. In time with mods and driving style, I hope for some more. Long time goal will be the 55 - 65 Mpg tank avarage.
As Im now on winter tires, a good deal of better milage will depend on the stock summer tires that came with car. Havent tried those yet.
My Yaris Hybrid thread:

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