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Mazda 626 - '80 Mazda 626 Base
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Turtle A question for Mazda experts (about camshaft)

I happen to be working on the Mazda engine in my old '80 626. The engine is a 1586cc 55kw "NA" SOHC engine.

So anyway, I pulled off the valve cover, and found out that the cam is pitted in one area at least. It doesn't appear to be pitted by rust, as everything in there is well oiled and no rust is visible.

The question is... Should I try to find a replacement, and what cams from what engines should be able to fit it? The NA, VC, and MA engines should be quite similar, right?

I could also have the cam reground, but the pitting is pretty deep, maybe 0.5 mm. Other than that the cam looks to be in good condition-no rust, doesn't appear to be very worn, etc.

Many thanks.

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