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Originally Posted by bryn View Post
i bought a honda rebel 250cc in april for $400. after about a thousand miles, i averaged 70 mpg. top speed is about 80 mph, more than fast enough. it was great transportation. but i broke the bike and my ankle as soon as the first animal ran in front of me. no real savings in the long run. even with a safety course and all the right equipment its hard to change gut reactions.
Hope you heal quickly, that is the trouble with 2 wheeled transportation, I used to ride on the backroads all the time with my dirtbike and got used to running over small animals and birds but I never hit anything bigger than a squirrel. I don't know what would happen if I had hit a raccoon and I don't know if I could train myself now just to hit it without trying something extreme to avoid it.
Anyways, I keep posting that people need to practice practice practice on motorbikes or pedal bikes because thats your only defense to kissing the pavement or worse. If I had the climate to ride a motorbike all year I still don't know if I would even with 100's of hours playing on a dirtbike, will I do the right thing in an emergency situation?
The high grip tires also scare me, the difference in traction between clean dry pavement vs wet or sandy pavement is hard to compensate for in all situations... Semi knobby tires on a dualsport bike is what I would start with as everything about that setup is forgiving, you are up right, high enough to see and be visible and a patch of sand isn't going to affect the bike as much.
Just my 0.02,

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