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Originally Posted by christofoo View Post
Did some tufting with the driver's side wheel skirt in place - just wanting to see where I'm at again.

Probably boat-tailing the wheels is the biggest thing I see here. Also I think I see turbulence on the wheel skirt, perhaps because of the dish and I didn't put the half-mod hub caps on for some reason. Also seeing a bit of turbulence at the c-pillar transition onto my Kammback. Perhaps a similar bit of turbulence going from the tail light to the coroplast gap filler.

Anyways, room for improvement.

(Video will be uploaded in a minute, for the curious
Boat tail tufting with wheel skirt, with and without gap smoother - YouTube
I'm seeing a little dancing at the junctions and corners between section panels but even Kamm had some of that. The flow is recovering everywhere.Maybe a tiny bit of vorticity,but with the gradual contour you've created I don't suspect that they'd have any real energy-robbing potential.
I like it all.
Going after the wheels will be a good thing,as,as the drag of the body comes down,the proportion of the wheel drag to overall drag is going up.
Great project,really fun to see it fall together.
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