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Once upon a time I changed the timing belt of my 79 Honda Civic 2-speed Hondamatic on the side of I-275 in St Pete Florida with the only hand tools and car jack I had in back, inches from early morning rush hour traffic that was spraying me with sand the entire time. Although it was about twenty years ago, as I remember it went something like this:
Kick myself in the ass for not having already changed the belt (the new belt was in the trunk), jack up car with my quivering ass inches from traffic, crawl under car while expecting my legs to be crushed at any moment, loosen motor mount, jack up driver side of motor a couple of inches, remove the old timing belt (which was missing some grooves), cuss myself some more, pull plug #1 and manually find tdc intake stroke with a dirty rag while hand-turning the motor, eyeball the notches even on cam sprocket, pull distributor and keep re-inserting it until I basically had #1 lined up, which isn't that easy since it rotates like 35 degrees, put the new belt on (I probably reduced it's life expectancy by half by jacking it on with a screwdriver), jack motor down, replace motor mount, get in, pray real quick, hit the key (a screwdriver) and fire it right up! Check to make sure I hadn't peed myself at some point, throw the tools in back and headed on to work.
Total elapsed time 2 hours, total time it likely took from my life, 2 years.
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