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Man, y'all ain't never been to Richmond where I live. All the crazy expensive Ferrari's, Lambos, etc, and the insane stunt driving - except here it's not intentional, it's incompetence ha ha. A few months ago I saw police tape around the 7-11 parking lot at the end of my street, I figured someone had robbed it. Nope - back half of a new Corolla hanging out of the brick wall of the side of the store, the guy had actually almost made it all the way into the store, that's impressive at parking lot speeds! A week later at the gas station next to it, a guy in a minivan was pulling into the the station slowly off the main road, and the car behind him honked. Minivan guy opened his door to get out and yell at the guy that honked - too bad he forgot to put the van in Park first. It kept going and crashed into one of those concrete poles that protect the gas pumps from just such idiots. They can't even get road rage correct in my neighborhood! MIA could save herself a fortune on her next video, just put a dashcam in her car and drive around here for an hour then set it to music ha ha

As for crazy stunt driving, I've always been a fan of these guys:

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