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Well given up.

Think it will be a system restore jobbie and then reinstall all the apps and then sort out access to the work systems - Mrs A and I work at the same place and I (for some reason) do internal IT support, yeah, I know.

I've refused to do this just now as I need to plan a weekend to make sure I get a full image and all the software to reinstall and she needs the PC first thing tomorrow.

I like Linux (Elementary OS is the system du jour at Chez Arra) but Linux is not an option for Mrs A due to the need for her to do demos etc which include hardware. - I wish she could use Virtualbox for demos but we did have issues with the hardware involved, VMs and Linux. Plus this is a work machine so I can't just flatten it and reinstall although I wish I could.

Grrr. I hate you Balmer you muppet
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