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Hah, that reminds me...
We had a lot of snow in the last 4 winters in a row. We weren't used to it; many winters pass snowless and a layer of 10 cm or so of the white stuff was seen as exceptional.
We now know all about snow dunes and ploughing. Local governments have stacked up road salt in vast quantities for this season, having run out each year 4 times in a row.

I got a new plastic snow scoop 4 years ago just when the first snow fell. It broke at the first scoop full. Glued it; broke again. Plastic welded it; broke again. Made a support structure out of steel and wood; still felt flimsy but held to this day, but I used it with great care and trepidation.

Got a sturdy inox snow scoop last December. Immediately temperatures went up and haven't come down again.

So there you have it.
It is no good to complain about the weather. Do something about it!
Be well prepared, then it will just move off.
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