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Installing a shift kit on a 727 trans in my 1971 Dodge Dart.

Instructions, step # whatever: Remove piston spring and piston. Install piston stop.

What I actually did: Remove spring and piston, install piston stop, install spring. When putting it back together, that spring was a pain to keep in there. As I was tightening the bolts down, I heard a loud pop. Instead of taking it back apart to check, I put the trans back together, filled it and found out that reverse was not reverse, 1st was 3rd, 3rd was whatever, 2nd was everything, basically the trans didn't work. I pulled it apart to find out the piston had broken from the spring pressure and fluid was going everywhere inside the valve body, hence the weird gears.

The spring was not supposed to go back onto the piston since the piston stop was there to keep the piston from moving...oops.
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