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Originally Posted by CFECO View Post
Yep, I was doing a shift kit in a 72 Power Wagon. While trying to loosen the band adjuster lock nut, it came loose ALL at once sling my arm against the floor cut out 7 stitches later at the ER, I finished the trans about 2 am.
Ouch. That sucks!

My first experience ever working on a car was with my dad. I was 9 and we were pulling an engine out of a '65 Falcon. I was supposed to make sure the trans coolant lines cleared the radiator support. I did and then stood against the wall. One of the chains came loose, as he was backing the forklift up and the tail shaft of the transmission slammed down on the radiator support. The back end of the trans rolled off and hit me in the chest, throwing me into a parts rack behind me. I had two cuts on my back and a bruise on my chest.

The first thing I said to him as he jumped off the forklift and the engine and transmission were bleeding out all over his shop floor was, "Mom's gonna kill you!"

Ever since then, I was hooked on fixing cars...
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