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Bacon sale. Purchasing Prius?

My girlfriend mentioned that she was not comfortable driving in a car as large as mine. I looked for Civic sedans, but found this:

2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid
1.5 4 cilindros
136 mil millas actuales
Titulo Limpio
Emision para 2 anos
Corre bien y funciona todo sin fallas
Acabo de pasar emision
Esta en buenas condiciones
Si le interesa llame al 602-710-3804
2002 Toyota Prius Hybrid

I am curious about the ad being in Spanish, but it looks like a dealer. I speak Spanish fluently, although I am not sure that I would want to purchase a car using my second language. However, my girlfriend's grandfather likes me and is a native Spanish speaker.

It would be exciting if I searched long and hard for my HX and then had my girlfriend getting better mileage in an automatic that I found easily.

Bacon has 114,000 miles or so and is in great shape. I need to have something in the steering fixed, but that had better be covered by my service plan. The only real modification is the Ultragauge. I removed the fog lights and crossmembers of the roof rack, I just felt that I would have a better return on investment on a more economical car.

Fantastic. KBB puts it at $2,025. I will try to sell it for more on Craigslist.

Hmm... KBB puts the Prius at $4,600 and the listing shows the exact same mileage as KBB expected.

Spidey sense tingling...

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