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I agree with this sentiment.

Originally Posted by Giovanni LiCalsi View Post
Tesla is all over the place where I live. They are the best things on the street for EVs.
I guess many people were critical about the expensive last turn of the century automobiles, too. They were expensive but paved the way for the lesser expensive cars to come.
No one should be critical until they have driven a Tesla a few miles. They must be something special because they are outselling the luxury class Mercedes cars.
I spent a weekend over the Holidays in Napa Valley, California. I ran across three Teslas parked in front of a cafe. All the drivers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable car guys. No, they were not your everyday working stiffs. One was in shipping, one owned a software company and the third was a musician of some note. But, by their purchases, they help pave the way for the technology to move forward. In time, maybe there will be a 7 seat family van that is priced the same as a Chrysler Caravan.
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