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manufacturers have been telling us we want suvs, which are neither sport OR utility, and have been horrible on fuel consumption in general. A 7 seater minivan has far more utility than your average 5 seater SUV. I care that people act like sheep and manufacturers do their thinking for them. If folks care more about the marketing (and what other people who bought into the marketing think of them) than they care about thinking critically about the product then we are perpetually screwed.

Not to mention that this probably $80,000 vehicle will come with $25,000 in subsidies paid for by the rest of us. you can put a pretty sweet EV together on just the rebate, instead of everyone paying a subsidy for more marketing/"SUV" crap.

This stuff affects everyone. Marketing tends to be ageist and racist and a bunch of other target "ists" and is a large portion of expenses, and is everywhere (including here now) and is %100 crap, and you are bludgeoned with it while trying to get the details of the machine.

The more you "sell" ME something the less likely I am to buy it. I cannot reward such behavior. If you do, then you are part of the problem, allowing manufacturers to control all the dialog.
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