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Please disregard

I almost had enough money to purchase my Civic, but I was a little short, so I cashed my student loan check. Since I never sold the Forester, I would have needed to use my spring student loan in order to purchase a third car, although I definitely would have sold the Subaru.

When I saw the Insight that I mention below, I opened the envelope because I did not think that I would have enough, even though purchasing an Insight does not make sense for me.

For some reason, they only lent me $627.

Well, that limits my options.

I think that I will get back to my get-rich-never scheme, which will hopefully lead to a job.


The Prius was sold, although the ad lives on.

The other Prii on Craigslist are:

2,002 with 119,000 miles for $5,200
2,003 with 144,000 miles for $4,995
2,004 with 85,000 miles for $10,000
2,005 with 129,000 miles for $7,500

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