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I think people should test this on each of their cars as it is hard to make generalizations with so many different type of transmissions and engine control systems.

In general, a manual car will stop dramatically quicker in gear, whereas some autos will stop quicker and some autos won't. The automatic Aristo transmission for example simply freewheels when you let off the gas. That is, until you put the transmission in L or 2 or remove o/d... then it will behave more like a manual and provide engine braking.

Also, some cars keep injecting fuel when you let off gas so that it is just like being neutral, some keep it cut as long as the vehicle has some movement, others above 20km/h, etc.. It's all very manufacturer, and vehicle dependant.

I find that I don't have room to neutral coast with traffic, but I can usually engine brake and increase stopping distance enough for me, but not enough to really anger the guy behind me. On the GT fuel stays cut until you're just about stopped.
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