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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Anybody interested in a free EM decal or two in return for doing something really easy? Something you already do lots of?
Yes sir!
Tim (daox) and I are starting a dedicated forum for a new car. We'd like to jump start it (the new forum, not the car) by inviting members from here to make posts over there. The forum is about a new economy car, so the subject matter isn't a stretch -- no acting required! (I can see this vehicle being genuinely interesting to lots of people.)...

We would definitely appreciate the help.

Post in this thread to put up your hand. Tim or I will PM you the details. (Keeping things secret until we're ready to go next week.)
Consider me posted, or something like that.

Apprehensive about the details though. A forum for a new car will most likely be a forum about a car I know absolutely nothing about.
I suspect you want content on your new site, but it needs to have some quality and relevance. I cannot promise in advance that I can supply those, especially about yet unknown vehicles.

So I endorse your plan, but am wary to sell my soul to an undefined adventure just to obtain some free stickers.
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