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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Consider yourself lucky. Our corporate IT folks shove updates at us whenever they choose, even in the middle of the day. Many times I have had no recourse but to shut down all 125 windows to the systems I was troubleshooting, shut down the 57 programs that I had had running, and let the laptop finish updating and reboot.
Our IT forbids turning the computers off for the night, claiming that that is when they update.
So I'm late one day and in a hurry to log in, I nudge the comp to wake it up, and it says "Restarting Windows. Installing update 3 of 17."
So maybe all of the computers are updating now? No, everyone is working, and when a colleague wants to start his shift an hour later, that's when his computer updates.
So why can't we save power and turn the boxes off at night?

Second work-related annoyance: We troubleshoot devices which can be connected via USB and read with special software. We get many calls with either connection or software issues. Wouldn't it be easy if we could hook a device up to our computers to see what our customer is seeing, and walk him through the solution step by step?
No, our company decided it would be easier for us, and funnier for them, if our USB ports were blocked.
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