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by maxc Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:44 pm

MadBill wrote:
The first sheet speaks of fuel usage in gallons per min. but on the dyno sheets (best I can tell) flow is gal. per 30 sec., so to convert to lb./hr, multiply by the fuel mass per gallon (~6) and then by 3600/30. Then to get the standard B.S.F.C., divide this result by the power at each RPM. e.g. at 3500 RPM the 'Werner' system uses 0.058 gal/30 sec to make 115 HP, so [0.058 x 6 x (3600/30)]/115 = 42.76/115 = 0.363 lb./HP/hr.

At the same RPM, the Rochester carb uses 0.088 gal/30 sec, but makes 135 HP, so the B.S.F.C. is 0.469., thus the Werner used only 0.363/0.469 or 77.3 % as much fuel.
Thanks Bill. Not to bad for no other mods.maxc
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