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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
I had a 2002 FFV suburban, over the years of my wife driving it most of the time it got 15.0 with E10, 12.5 with E85(records on Fuelly) Didn't use E85 till later in it's live, if I deleted the early 18-19 E10 tanks, not sure that 15 mpg would hold up.

We've got a 2003 Suburban 5.3 which has averaged 15.1MPG over its 185k mile life running on primarily e10. The few times it's had non-ethanol fuel run through it MPG increases by about 10%. Highway MPG has always been good with that car. It's not hard to consistently get 20MPG on e10 on trips loaded down with stuff running 55-70 mph. It goes down to about 19 MPG with the luggage carrier on top, and about 14 mpg towing a 4k lb dual axle trailer. It's been a good one.

I know what you mean about the e85. It usually really bashes MPG. But then again in many cases cost per mile is cheaper with it. Then you have the downfall of filling up more often too. In a Suburban like you're talking about, that's about 75 miles less to the tank running on e85. Not a big deal as long as you live in a populated area. I've talked to people out in the west (Wyoming, Utah) who won't run e85 because getting less miles to the tank can be a bigger danger when you can run roads for hours without ever passing a gas station.

I've rambled...
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