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Back in the game
After a long break I‘m getting back on with the project. I’ve been working seven days a week on my customers’ jobs since late November and today was the first time I’ve touched the machine in nearly 3 months. But while no physical work was possible, you never stop thinking, and I have been busy in that department. Updates to follow soon.

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Taking your points one at a time
I do have hopes for future development, but I am reluctant to announce them, since its very easy to look foolish with extravagant claims. But in respect of how to address the weight issues with future version(s), I do have some ideas. I have always imagined that a production version would use a carbon-composite monocoque but it could just as easy be a pressed and folded aluminium design. Much of the upper body could be lighter than I’ve made it and the bodypanels should be thin thermoformed plastic. There is much weight to be saved but I have to face facts, this machine is larger and has more equipment than conventional motorcycles, so a 230-260kg target is where I should be aiming.

You mention the front suspension, but I don’t feel that weight is “wasted” here. However, I am planning a redesign for other reasons. At present the telescopic forks protrude through the upper bodywork since my nose height is so low. In order to keep drag to a minimum I need to use a suspension system that can be enclosed within the bodywork.
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You should scrap the tele-fork front suspension and research a man named Norman Hossack . You're going to need all the stability you can get on two wheels.
Post 184 Two years ago in a post on this thread

The “Hossak” system looks like the most promising design for my vehicle and I’m already working on my own version.
The climate control question – yes I have a fully considered design but I’m not sure it qualifies as “Climate Control” which I understand to be defined as incorporating air-con. My design uses the engine cooling rad and simple flaps to control the input temperature into the cabin, but is not able to go below ambient. The distribution (of airflow) within the cabin, is again controlled by simple flaps in much the same way as a regular car heater system from the 60’s.

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I was thankful for your help when considering the air-powered parking stands, but I have chosen a different solution. Pneumatics was a viable route, which offered synergies with other systems on the vehicle, however I saw a flaw in my plan.
A pneumatic system will take time to fill before its ready for operation, not a problem for continuous operation but if left for any longer period, say overnight or a longer period parked, then immediate operation my not be possible. I felt that this would be unacceptable to users so I decided upon a system that stores energy for immediate operation – a 12V battery. This is simply a matter of increasing the capacity of the C90 battery to suit more demanding operation. This powers the hydraulic system using two small rams using the same pump and reservoir as the canopy lifting system.
This image shows one stand (there is one each side) in two positions, and it is activated by the rider, seated inside the canopy, from a steering bar mounted switch.

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