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New here, and new to worrying about gas mileage!

Hey guys,
I've long been a car guy, and never once cared about my gas mileage if it wasn't totally abysmal. I'll admit, I primarily consider myself a driving enthusiast. But...

Recently, to relieve my old '90 325iS from daily driving duties, I bought a 2005 Civic LX (manual transmission, of course). Let me tell you, I'm spoiled, and I am strangely into the idea of gas-sipping now. While I'm sure the mileage is completely normal to you, I've been seeing between 37-40mpg depending on conditions and it's been absolutely wonderful considering I used to see almost half that.

Anyway, I've joined the forum to see what I can do to get the most out of my new-to-me car. I'm also planning beyond this car and considering what options for future eco-cars I may have that would still be fun for me to own, given that I do enjoy cars with a little more spirit. I've thought about old CRX's, the 5th gen Civic VX, etc.

Now, I guess it's time for me to go do some reading! Currently it's in need of a tuneup, so I bought some NGK Laser Platinum plugs, a new air filter, Eneos 0w20, and a Toyo Roki oil filter. I'll do that stuff this week. The current fill of oil has a dose of Liqui Moly MOS2 in it, which may be helping my economy a bit.

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