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I knew ethanol was trouble. This just affirms it.

I've been noticing slightly rougher operation of my 5SFE engine while on E10.
I've noticed that it has reduced power output too.

I filled up one day with premo and it just felt better (had slightly more cajones at lower rpm/off from stop), the only difference however is in 1st gear, no other gears or speeds show an improvement, once it shifts up to 2nd the difference disappears.

It just feels wrong to me, I wrongly assumed/thought that I was doing something good for the environment while running on 10% ethanol, lower emissions, flowers out the tailpipe, etc.

I'll be running only 95 primo from now on methinks.

This is the typical Aussie viewpoint on fuel:

This is what our pumps look like: (Not usually burnt out cars and firemen at them tho)

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