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Originally Posted by bikenfool View Post
Way to go davelobi, the threads been dead for 6 days and you woke it up
Hi Bike, ha ha, not only did I poke the hibernating bear, I'll now go against what I was teasing the others about and respond again

I know close to nothing compared to a lot of the guys on here but have put up some decent fuel economy numbers with very little modification and mostly driving effort/style. Forget about DWL and just do like they say. Even if their logic or explanation doesn't make sense to you, they do know how to squeeze every possible mile out of a gallon of gas.

Originally Posted by bikenfool View Post
no one has been able to explain it using the fundamentals of physics/engineering, or test data, I'll take either. It's mostly faith based, myth and lore
Again, forget physics and engineering. This is way more than myth and lore. The fuel economy numbers are test data in the best possible form. Look at the fe I've gotten, better yet, others on this site. These are tried and proven ways to save fuel. You simply can't question or say they are faith based theories. The documentation is fanatical, the depth of research is crazy, the proof is simply in the numbers that these guys are achieving.

Don't forget, the absolutely best way to save gas is to never start the car. Keep that bike! Tough to pick up kids on a bike tho huh? That's my problem.
Get bored very quickly. Vibe, Saturn, and crv all long gone. Been a while but I'm back in the game, gunna see what I can do with this Corolla.
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