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Wow, good stuff here. Some of it way over my head though. I'm new to this site and just recently bought my second HX. I'm a small guy so the small cabin does not bother me one bit. Most of the time it's just me riding around in this buggy. My rather large, tall friend has another opinion however. The road noise is a bit loud but I can live with it. I am trying to source a MPGuino gauge for my car still so I'm not sure what my actual millage is. I'm only on my second tank of fuel so have no reliable data yet. My old HX gave me a pretty consistent 40+ MPG cruising at 65-70 MPH. Best tank I ever got was 46MPG. I can see Slownugly's point about spending $2-3K on a stock, 15 year old car, and get 40+MPG "right outa' the box". Makes it hard for me to justify $25K+ for a new hybrid that gets roughly the same MPG.
I'm curious about the "NoX" emissions. Are those limits in PPM (as a percentage of the exhaust) or total number of parts out the exhaust pipe? If PPM only, doesn't the fact that you are burning less than half the number of gallons of what the average vehicle on the road burns, count for anything?
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