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I feel your pain brother.

After head on collision friend and I had very much same issue with pain and subsequent numbness from exaggerated sitting positions.
We were doing salvage rebuilds at that time and after suffering through groups of Japanese cars, we won auction bids on a few thunderbirds and craigslist purchased 2 late 90s super coupes. After rebuilding them we always drove the cars for a month before resale so Long story short not just the seats but the cars ride itself matters.
If you believe I am incorrect I challenge you to put a clear glass of water in cup holder on next trip and see what your car is really doing.
We kept one of the Super Coupes just because of its ride quality.
P.S. The New Ford trucks are so posh you cant even feel the road go by.

Originally Posted by xntrx View Post
Well, age and abuse are starting to get the best of my back and seats. Looking at different seats to put in the Civic VX. Thinking of Saab or Volvo seats. More than likely Saab since they'll tilt forward. The will need to be manual, narrow enough to fit, and without side airbags. I can weld, and fabricate, so I'm open to almost anything reasonably priced (used is best).

General question is for you older folks, what are the best seats you've ever driven for back and all around comfort? I drive 3 hours, and after about 2, my back is killing me.
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