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Awesome despite most of the air resistance being drag at the rear end of truck which I don't see being addressed.

The design is beautiful though.

The semi-truck design I've worked on for fun over the years looks somewhat similar. It however lacks the center seating position and has a middle neck part where twin radiators sit.

I'm not sure how the micro turbine of the Walmart truck regulates it's engine heat. There might be air drawn up from the road like a Corvette, I don't see that part yet.

While looking for more information I found this ECS design which is closer to my own concept.

7 Concept Trucks of the Future
7 Concept Trucks of the Future | CDLLife

I thought turbines were fuel thirsty, has there been a recent break-through in this department which I'm not aware of?

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EDIT: My old design collecting dust

Also posted here:

Industrial Design pictures by kach22i - Photobucket

Very sexy truck below...................

I read somewhere that after years of exporting jobs/work Walmart is bring some jobs back here for a change. I wonder the root cause for all of then sudden progressiveness. Did some old person step down form power in the last couple of years?
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