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The thing that keeps me up the most at night is that they can now frame and convict you and catch you if you try and run no matter what you do.

Cell phones, no matter how old, are government mandated tracking devices.
Tablets with cellular chips, or simply ones with wifi enabled are tracking devices now that google records and tracks wifi AP names.
Windows XP-Windows 7-8 based computers are tracking devices, pretty clear cut there, the only Windows OS I trust to not have a backdoor is Win NT.

So even if you do run, there is no where to hide.

ALL of this technology is moving towards one thing, the ability of any government official with access to this amount of data to simply enter in your full name, and date of birth, into a computer, and let the computer find you.

Even if you have no modern gadgets, moder cars today still have them built in.
Even if you have a classic car, the number plate is still there and as soon as you drive past a speed camera or a surveilance camera, your plate enters into a database.

Road spikes to take out car tyres, even if you have run flat tyres they can knock you off the road.

All of this to me feels like they are building up towards a prison system for the public at large, and that prison system is probably going to be used to silently cull under the guise of a disease breakout.

Its either that the governments aren't telling us for our own good that the world is going to run out of food rather abruptly sometime in the future, OR that we are all being set up for harvesting for space aliens.

I for one will enjoy bob on a stick, either that or go fishing.

I however promise not to eat anybody who is still alive.

All I know for sure however is that I am on the right forum for surviving what is to come. Fuel economy is going to become a HUGE issue when stuff hits the fan, nevermind all of these 4x4's running around and running over people, they will be running out of fuel first.

And imagine this scenario, you are coming home from work and the petrol stations are over run, something has gone horribly wrong, nobody can get fuel, you however are sitting on 3/4 full and can just simply drive straight home, where it is safest.

I however strongly recommend that people here install either fuel cells inside of their car (and leave them empty, fuel cells leak.) or get two metal jerry cans and leave them on their property at all times, with fuel no older than 6 months. Also you can go the drastic measure of putting a crash plate over your fuel tank so nobody can drill into the fuel tank (this is what they do in europe to steal fuel.)

If you don't have fuel in your car then you aren't going anywhere, and if you do manage to find some it may only be a litre or two, which in the right car can take you anywhere.

mmm sushi bob.

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