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THATS the line

You are a law abiding citizen untill a law is set that you knowingly or unknowingly break.
I would say 97% of Americans break a law each day. I dont want to hear about an obvious difference bettween speeding and murder 1.
If it is law to not surpass 35 mph NHTSA should make car incapable of surpassing that national speed while the cars are at the dealership.
How will you do when simple luxeries like bacon and coffee are deemed illeagal. Not so long back booze was illeagal and marijuana was not.
If you dont agree with a law do your civic duty to have it changed.
Wake up! stop complaining and being complacent and dont break the law daily. Thus said I am a sinner and law breaker. I thank God for he forgives my miss deeds.
I dont expect anyone looking for an arguement to understand.

Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
What's that supposed to mean? What line?
If you are a law abiding citizen, more surveillance will not affect you.
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