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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
What's that supposed to mean? What line?
If you are a law abiding citizen, more surveillance will not affect you.
Surveillance can be shown to be factually inaccurate, as is shown by numerous localities rejecting automated ticketing based on speeding camera and stop-light camera.

Besides that, the authorities will be looking for "red flag" behavior, which is not in and of itself illegal behavior, but can be used to predict the likelihood of illegal behavior being committed. Say, for instance, that somebody continually stops by a certain bar on his way home from work and stays there for about 45 minutes before continuing on to his residence. Say also that this activity is flagged by the surveillance system that nobody needs to fear if they only abide by the law.

It won't matter to that one individual, because the system picked up his continual stopping at this bar, and red-flagged to the authorities that this individual MIGHT be somebody who drinks and drives. Now, when this individual drives around, he'll be under enhanced scrutiny from the surveillance system, that no law-abiding citizen needs to fear. This individual might even have difficulty getting insurance, getting his driver's license renewed, or getting his vehicle registration renewed - all because of the surveillance system that no law-abiding citizen need fear.

It would not matter what the reason why this individual stops there. Maybe, just maybe, that individual never actually drinks alcohol at this bar because he knows better than to drink and drive. Maybe this individual's spouse works there, and they'd just like to have a nice chat about their day. Maybe the bar also sells a really delicious hamburger that the individual loves. It doesn't matter, because now this surveillance system just flagged this individual as a possible drunk driver.

So much for not having anything to fear.
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