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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
What type of driving, mostly? City or highway?

The thing holding the smart back is the Cd. Since the car is rear engine, I'd be looking at a full smooth undertray, rear skirts and perhaps a removeable boat tail for highway use. The boat tail is where you smarties will see the biggest potential improvement.
I've ordered 2, 3 and 4" vortex generators as a first step. I may also try a boat-tail, but will seek help from a manufacturer... I may be able get something mocked up for the car in addition to a set of side fairings for a semi-trailer.

To get 2.8 to 3.0 on tanks, I'm driving mostly just to from work and avoiding short trips. I drive 80 kmh on the Hwy, and 60 in the city where possible, in highest gear (6th)
I run tires at 42 PSI, and limit electrical draw on the alternator
Truth is I am running WIDER wheels and tires than stock right now... so... there is some improvement due to come
The car already has a tray underneath the front, but not the rear... uhm, I'm not too into monkeying with that, but we'll see. to get 100 mpg US day in and day out will take more effort, and with the current run of publicity I am able to draw to the issue, it could be well worth it, just to show what is possible
My main goal is to see the common driver make reasonable changes to affect increased fuel economy
The company I work for has a media liason helping to spread my 'story' - quite by chance, timing was perfect on several fronts
Darin - the original CBC contact hasn't re-contacted for additional info.
The one CBC interview I did was the result of another contact that my 2005 promotor made, as was the Abby Times article
The next CBC interview and the one on NEWS1130 that played all day long today every ten minutes was brought about by the company liason
Just FYI

Links to these stories and suck at, top post

Interestingly, the BC Government is now officially promoting the Scangauge, so I am eager to get some stock - Scangauge is trying to catch up on backorders... I've ordered 50 this time

Scangauge II: Group buy pricing - $149.95 Canadian funds! And FREE shipping!

Best mileage to date: 2.23 L/100km - 105 mpg (US) - 126 mpg (imp)
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