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Longtime efficiency Nut, New to this site

My son (Idratherbeflying) turned me on to this site. I am very impressed. For years I've been viewed as that "crazy guy who's obsessed with fuel mileage". Sometimes I'm pretty serious about it, and other times it's just a hobby (as I'm also a big fan of horsepower, speed and acceleration). It's great to see so many likeminded folks!

I've been getting in the low 30's with my stock 2001 Buick LeSabre, so I guess my driving habits are pretty good. It has 337k on the odometer, and has cost me less than $500 in repairs (tires and oil changes excluded) over the last 160k miles. But I'm about to start driving my '91 CRX (DX), and hopefully even better efficieny is in my future. I commute 130 miles (RT) daily, so I have good opportunities to try out new mods and driving methods.

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