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Originally Posted by War_Wagon View Post
I sold a $600, 20+ year old car to a lady once. It was a decent beater, I had driven it for a few months with no issues. A couple days later something stupid went, like the contacts in the starter or something. I even fixed it for her, I think it was $12 in parts that I just paid for. She was still mad. "Look lady, it's a $600 car, I fixed it for you, what do you expect for a 20 year old vehicle that cost less than your (in this case fake) designer handbag?"

"Well, I paid $600, it should just work."

That car could have been $600, $6000, or $60000 - she would have had the same attitude. People here think just because they bought something and paid for it that it must be perfect and expect perfection from it, regardless of any effort or sense of reality on their behalf. After all, it couldn't be that they made a poor choice, or that they were expecting entirely too much for the amount they were willing to spend - it has to be the fault of the inanimate object, or the person they got it from, right?
I would definitely believe this story, there are a lot of people that have this mentality and it amazes me that they think a vehicle doesn't need maintenance.

I moved a car for one of my co-workers on my break and she drives a 2008-ish Mercedes c-class. I get in the car and the car has the display on the speedometer that tells the driver pretty much everything you need to know about the car. When I started the car the display starts beeping like crazy! and I start going through the options and come to find out she is 20,000 miles overdue for an oil change!!!!!!!!

I confronted her about it minutes later and she says "ohh THAT'S what the beeping was??? I never knew..." I feel bad for that car.
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