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1993 Honda civic starting problems

Hello all, I am having an electrical issue with my car and cant nail it down. I have a 93 with a replacement 1.6L engine. A few months ago it completely quit with me. The fuel pump side of the main relay would not engage. I found wires shorted inside the distributor that fixed the problem. 2 days ago it started a similar problem. when turning the key on the fuel pump side of the relay doesn't engage every time. if the relay pulls in, it will start and run fine. I can cut it off and the next time it may or may not start. When the relay does not click, I can touch the grn/yellow wires on the main relay connector and the relay will click but it still wont start. you can turn the key on and off until the fuel pump runs and it will start right up. it may take 1 time or it may take 10. the test light also slightly light up. when it starts properly I have no current on these wires but do have current on the wire going to fuel pump.The last time I could tap on the distributor and the wires inside would touch and cause it to cut off. I have tapped on it and pulled the wires. Not 100% sure I don't have a problem in there but hate to start throwing money at it. Any suggestions on what/where to check. thanks so much for any help.

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