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CRX love affair

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
hans2vt -

Welcome to EM! Ahhhh, the CRX was my favorite car ever.

My CRX story...

When i was 12 I decided I wanted one. A yellow one.

When I was 18 I bought my 89 Silver CRX Si with 62k. I really wanted the HF, but my dad convinced me that I would be happier with more power of the Si. He was right... in my 20's I was glad for the si.

When I was 21 and graduated college, I took my CRX and girlfriend from PA to Grand canyon and colorado.

I lived in Salt Lake a while... that really helped it STOP rusting. PA is bad for rust.

When I was 28 I moved to Vermont and drove the CRX cross country with 190k miles. it overheated a lot - the radiator was original.

When I was 32 I sold it with 220k... eBay for $700, and the 5th muffler fell off as he drove it away.

20 years love affair - There wasn't a part on the CRX except the engine that I hadn't worked on or touched. 5 mufflers, 3 b pipes, 3 alternators, 3 axles/cv joints, timing belt, water pump.
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