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The 130 mile commute really does get old. But I only have to drive through one small town, while the rest is highway. When all goes well, I only have to make 2-3 full stops on the trip.

I really have been impressed with the LeSabre. Mechanically, it has been an extraordinary car. But, most of the "whistles and bells" (electric windows, remote trunk unlock, and 2 of the vents) are pretty much out of commission. The headliner is sagging, and the check-engine light has been on for at least the last 80k. I just refuse to spend any more money than absolutely neccesary on such an un-sexy car. I have hit 2 deer with it, and the car has scars to prove it. It really is a rattle-trap, but The only time in the last 175k (it had 162k when I bought it) that it has layed down on me, was when the MAF-sensor went out. Even with the MAF unplugged, I've still managed 29-32mpg consistently!

My son drove the CRX on a 400 mile trip last week, and managed 41.7 mpg at 75 mph. Since I usually keep it around 60-65 mph, I am expecting slightly better mileage, once he brings it back to me.
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