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Originally Posted by niky View Post
Should make it apples to apples, based on spec level... more comprehensively, I would have added assumed depreciation (KBB is a good source) to that calculation... though I guess the point still stands... if you want to save... buy cheap!
I went with the cheapest models. All are standard transmission, and standard transmission EPA estimates- except the Micro, which I used the Forum predictions since no official numbers were available. The only real tosses to change would be rebates, and extra costs like delivery, any financing charges, so on. No matter what, the Micro is still the cheapest to buy (meaning less to finance if one does go that way), and even at 100k, it's fuel economy still makes it the cheapest. I did use highway mileage, and not be rude, but unless one lives in LA or NYC, highway mileage shouldn't be an issue with a standard transmission.

My logic behind it was this- oil changes, tire wear, and basic maintenance up to 100k should be level. Also, under the impression if someone wants to buy a new car, and wants the cheapest cost per mile, which is the way to go. My page autopopulates when the data is put in, so any vehicles could be used. I didn't use all of them, just the best power to weight ratio vehicles and tossed in the Chevy and Mitsubishi for good measure. Honestly, I'd probably still have the Mirage.

I think depreciation is a fair value, but one it is very subjective, two it really is a total toss up, especially for new vehicles (Mirage and Micro are brand spankin' new), manual transmissions make it harder, too. I would think if someone wanted an economy car, they would be keeping it for the long haul, but planning for more than 100k seemed a bit ridiculous for the average individual.

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