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hello! interested in homebuilt travel trailer for high MPG.

So I have been searching around the web on areomods and this site keeps coming up and it looks like a cool communy. I'm a happy mailman now and longtime mechanic and spent 10+ years as a nuclear power plant operator. I don't know jack about aerodynamics. I have long wanted to build a high MPG car out of simple, inexpensive, peices, but I really don't drive more then 5000 miles a year so it has never been a "need". My family an I do like to camp but not so much in a tent on the ground anymore. We have had all sorts of campers and tow rigs through the years with mixed results. They get so expensive to buy, then use so much gas, we can't afford to enjoy them as often as we would like.
So lately I've been obsessed with building my own travel trailer. We have a 2007 KIA Sedona, the main family car, which isn't terrible mileage wise and has good power, and a 2002 Subaru Forester, my commuter, manual which does even better and has AWD but less power and room. The camper needs to sleep 3+dog, have standup room, a bathroom, and be all weather. We have had popup campers but they are a pain. We almost pulled the trigger on a light but completely boxed new Jayco for $10,000. It was 2300# dry but I know it would stink for towing. Although their smallest it seemed larger then necessary. Then I started looking at the homebuilt teardrops and converted v-nose cargo trailers started getting ideas. I believe I can make something personalized for less then $5000, be under 2000#, but actually work with the KIA van's aerodynamics.
I'll try to get some sketches of what I'm thinking and take them to the areo section so I guess this is just a long winded hello!

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