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F150 is Crushing 2014- What’s in line for 2015?

Hey guys, wrote an article for my website and thought I would post it here, it interested me, thought it might interest some people here, too

As Manufacturers’ Reports will tell you, the 2014 Ford F150 is towering over Chevy and Dodge in year to date sales. Sales are at 46,536, 28,926, and 25,071 vehicles sold, respectively. It’s clear the customer’s choice of the F150 is solid, but how is Ford planning to keep this performance?

The 2015 F150 is packed full of new technology and gear to make it the best and most complete choice, the following list is a first to be used in a pickup truck.
-2.7L EcoBoost with start-stop technology
-Inflatable rear safety belts
-Smart trailer module to indicate trailer status
-Active park assist
-360 degree camera view
-8 inch productivity/work screen
-LED side view mirror spotlights
-LED headlamps.

Beyond this, the 2015 has stripped almost 700 pounds, while increasing it’s towing and handling capabilities. Military grade aluminum alloy being used in the body, and high strength steel for the frame is the main cause for this drastic weight cut.

The stance and form of the new truck is following the past tradition of Ford products. The most extreme product gets the most extreme design, like the GT500s styling being worked into later Mustangs, and the Focus RSand ST from overseas emerging in our new models. This is seen in the grille, and body flair of the 2015, seen from past years heavy duty models.

Unlike Chrysler and Chevrolet, consistently removing visibility and making their designs more submarine like each year, Ford understand what customers need- visibility. When you finish looking around the spacious and ergonomic cabin, you’ll start to notice the amazing visibility. Ford has put driver experience more into the truck, and there is a clear expectation for the new F150 to not only be the best work choice, but the best recreational choice, and the best choice even if just going by appearance. LED lights all around, spot lights, headlights, tail lights, bed lighting, and even including a new puddle light on the tailgate.

Ford clearly is beyond trying to get sales, and get their customers (first time, and coming back) the very best product they can.

EDIT: Criticism welcome!


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