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Evaluating the bike properly during shopping is crucial.

Learning how to do the work on the most common expenses like tires, chain/sprockets and cleansing the fuel system will save the most money. Thrifty online shopping saves the next most.

It's not for everyone, and it takes work to find an owner that is not too proud of the bike. For those persistent enough, have great deal making skills, and mechanical ability it can be a source of profit and save alot of bikes from the recycle heap.

I finally found a neglected, forlorn Chinese (unpronouceable name) 250 V-twin cloned from the Yamaha Virago 250. Advertised for $500, it ended up with several more minor issues when I looked at it. Costing out the issues to him I wound up spending $160 for the bike, three days of work and $85 dollars on parts to get it rideable.

It's not pretty but it now rides very well. While not aesthetically or mechanically perfect, it is safe and carries my butt to work and back reliably and cheaply, yes, even on the freeway.
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