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Saving a few 'milliwatts' of power is ridiculous. It takes a whole 746 watts to equal 1 horsepower. A few thousandths of an HP is not worth considering. Just slowing down a fraction of a MPH will gain you much more.

Also, a higher output alternator should not put any more load on your motor. The post earlier that said that an alternator will operate like a motor and turn against your gasoline engine is incorrect. Therefore it is also incorrect to assume that a high output alternator will be more of a load (backwards turning resistance) on your engine. A high output alternator will only be more of a load than a standard output alternator IF or when your car's electrical system is demanding the extra output.

I think there is more misinformation floating around in the field of electrical circuitry than any other part of auto mechanics. I also think that it is in part due to the incredibly poor wiring diagrams that are in many automotive service manuals. They are often only good for identifying wire colors to the various components. They are very poor at depicting an actual circuit as such and this I believe contributes greatly to the misunderstanding of what a circuit is and how electricity works. Anyway, that's my opinion ;-)
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