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I have been researching the whole J1772 thing and I am wondering what you ACTUALLY needed to do to make it work.
From what I understand in this pinout:

L1 - obvious
L2/Neutral - obvious
Chassis ground - yup, sure.
Proximity detection - turns the EVSE on; slightly shorter terminal than other terminals so the EVSE turns off before L1/L2 disconnects so there is no massive spark
Control pilot -'s what my big question is about.

I read that this is a PWM (square wave) signal sent from the EVSE to tell the car's charger what current the EVSE is capable of delivering, so the charger does not draw too much current. On a car with a lower amp charger (<30A @ 240V), this pin can be ignored altogether because the EVSE doesn't actually do anything with this signal because it is for the car's charger to do something with. The EVSE will turn on without it.

Please correct me. My next EV WILL have a J1772.
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