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Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
But now someone needs to do the math and figure out how many years that$100 price tag takes to pay off. it may be just a year if you consider it is in the long life range bulb category. those are $24 -$27 replacements.
So if you need a bulb it might just pay to upgrade to them.
Well the brightest, whitest, 55w Halogen h7 bulbs I've found are these - OSRAM - Night Breaker Unlimited H7 (Pair): Automotive

In my car (with disabled DRL's) these bulbs lasted a year. That's twice as long as the Sylvania long life bulbs for about the same price.
My son's Jetta (which still uses the low beams for its DRL's), burns through low beams bulbs about one every 5 months.
So it would take about two years for these bulbs to pay for themselves and they supposedly have longer life that an normal incandescent bulb.

Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
So you tried these first then bought and tried the h5?? because those were too bright??
No read my posting again. I bought the H7 Led for my VW Jetta low beam headlights and the H4 led bulbs for my Honda motorcycle.
Too bright hasn't happened with the headlights in either of these vehicles, yet.


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