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A car like that is worth a premium to the right person. The question is, how long do you want to wait until the right person comes along? 20 year old eco-cars are a very specific niche market, so a premium price could take a very long time to get. You stated there are none on Ebay - why don't you post yours there and see what happens? Set a fairly high reserve price on it and just see how much interest you get in it, if nothing else it will give you a guideline on how much to advertise it for locally.

Market value books are pretty much pointless on a vehicle that old and specific as they base their averages on average transaction prices, so if KBB says it's worth $800, that's because 99% of the 20 year old Metros that have sold in the last year have 200k miles and were beaters. The book doesn't see the condition of the cars, it just sees the numbers and averages them and applies "correction" factors for mileage, region, etc. I just sold my teal '94 Civic Si with low KMs for way more than "book" value, to the only person that looked at it, and he paid full price no questions asked. He was the right person, and there was nothing comparable to it on the market, so it's not like he could say "Well there are 3 other ones like it for sale I need to go look at first." It did, however, take 6 weeks for the right person to finally see the ad and come look at the car.
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